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Testers Shift Left

Testers can bring a testing mindset and skills to build in quality in a software project as compared to testing it in at the backend. Testers, let’s all shift left.


An exciting new partnership with ITKAN and Marriott Foundation’s Bridges


POSTED 10/29/2015

This post, authored by Pat Maher and Adam Hecktman (Microsoft’s Director of Technology and Civic Engagement for Chicago), originally appeared on Microsoft Chicago‘s blog on October 23, 2015. IT Knowledge Abilities Network (ITKAN) is a professional development, networking and educational group here in Chicago. It is focused on strengthening career opportunities in technology roles for


Success with the Cloud: A Cloud Strategy that Iterates with Your Business

I’ve had my head around, maybe in sometimes, the cloud for quite a few years now. It seems like it’s about all I talk about with customers and colleagues these days.   The advent of the cloud has drastically changed everyone’s business and leveled the playing field for enterprises of all sizes.   Startups and small enterprises


6 R’s of a Cloud Migration

More and more organizations are turning to cloud providers when it comes time to reinvest in aging infrastructure.  When considering a technology workload migration; it is important to remember that there are multiple ways of migrating that workload out of its current environment.  At SPR we use the term “6 Rs” to describe migration options.


Office 365: The Cloud Constellation

The old adage “the only thing you can rely on is change” is certainly true when it comes to Microsoft’s collaboration strategy. Here at SPR we absolutely embrace uncertainty and the unknown. The challenge provides a visceral excitement from the implied call to action. That being said, even we like to know what’s on the road map. Even if we know it’s more of a suggestion in the light of a dynamic, ever-changing marketplace.


The Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses are Considering Office 365

It’s not uncommon for firms to have a various flavors of Exchange, Lotus Notes and possibly other email, calendaring and collaboration systems in their application inventory. Enter Office 365 to the rescue. In this blog, I’ll discuss the top reasons why a company would want to consider moving to the cloud.


Learnings from the Windy City Rails

Read about my experiences from the recent Windy City Rails conference – an annual conference about Ruby and Rails that happens here in the windy city of Chicago. I’ll share my take-aways in the form of snippets about talks that I found really interesting in no particular order.

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Overcoming Office 365/SharePoint Online Development Challenges – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I covered some of the challenges around implementing Business Connectivity Services challenges in Office 365.  In this part 2, I’ll cover some of the challenges I ran into when adding new managed properties to add refiners and sorting to the custom Search page. I had a simple scenario of adding additional


NMHM Chicago Sheds Light on Tech’s Impact on Disability Experience


POSTED 10/06/2015

I’m currently rehabbing from two reconstructive spinal surgeries that were required due to my Charcot Arthropathy of the lower spine that was first diagnosed in 2005. This has been a very challenging year beginning in January when the first signs of further deterioration developed. Through months of successive CT scans, x-rays, MRIs, and blood panels

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Internal Apps Need a Mobile Strategy too!

Nowadays every employee in the field has a smartphone with a tremendous amount of computing power. How can a company better tap this power? How do you go from just email support to a comprehensive suite of useful apps for mobile users in the field? First, you need a strategy.