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The Journey to Agile: Adaptions, Pitfalls, and Other Tips We Told InformationWeek

The journey to agile can vary greatly, but a basic foundation is needed. Newly formed organizations can typically follow a simpler path, because legacy processes do not exist and agile practices can be adopted from the outset, but the individuals working at these organizations tend to bring along past experiences with them. So regardless of

When It’s Not User Acceptance Test, But User Readiness Evaluation

By thinking of the UAT cycle as an “readiness evaluation”, new possibilities emerge. The users have new freedom to try to use the software as they see fit in their day-to-day activities, rather than thinking they need to hunt for defects and try to “break it”. The pressure of thinking they must be the gatekeepers to product quality, deciding whether this release can pass into production or not, is lifted.


4 Strategies to Adopt DevOps in Your Organization

In my last blog I discussed four key areas that are usually used to measure the performance of an IT organization. This blog will explore the strategies to help your company adopt DevOps practices. The first question you should ask yourself is Why? Why should DevOps be part of your IT strategy? In his excellent blog, my colleague