Author: Karthik Muthupalaniappan

Aerial photo of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francicso shrouded in clouds with the Google Next logo superimposed in the upper left

Google Cloud Next – The Best Parts!

Google certainly knows how to put on a great conference – like Google Cloud Next, which I attended in March. If you’re looking for a showcase of Google Cloud’s product offerings, this is the place. With so much to learn and digest in three days, this blog post covers the key things I took from the conference. Along

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Docker for Developer Happiness

So, everybody is talking Docker these days. It is being positioned as one of the important tools for effecting DevOps transformation in engineering organizations. Docker was founded around 2010 and has been growing in popularity ever since.


Learnings from the Windy City Rails

Read about my experiences from the recent Windy City Rails conference – an annual conference about Ruby and Rails that happens here in the windy city of Chicago. I’ll share my take-aways in the form of snippets about talks that I found really interesting in no particular order.

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Refactoring – Techniques and Tips

Most of the modern day software developers understand the significance of code refactoring and how it is crucial to keeping a system’s codebase healthy and maintainable. This blog post explores some of these techniques and how you can internalize them as part of your software development workflow.