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Your One-Star Rated App Needs Compatibility Testing

You check your application’s usage and popularity often, and that’s when it happens. The dreaded one-star review. Your app has compatibility issues. Don’t let a review or social site be the way you discover your app’s incompatible. The safest way to ward off bad software in production – and the damage it can have to your company’s social reputation – is


The Team with the Single Point of Truth

Two agile managers struggle with development project completion. One manager continues working the same way while the other implements a better method.

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How to Test Better and Faster with Microsoft Test Manager

Here are several options and considerations for discussion after you’ve decided that Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) will be the tool to help your team achieve a better work product more efficiently.

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) for Your Test Assets

When it comes to test cases, defects and reports, test managers have several options. Microsoft Test Manager, the extension of Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio, allows teams to collaboratively plan, execute and track test cases and defects. 1.     Testing assets are centralized Test cases, defects and other testing assets are saved in one location