Author: Sean Lawrence

How to Create an App in PowerApps and Flow

Limited coding skills? No problem! Microsoft’s recently released PowerApps and Flow are powerful tools that give non-developers a no-code solution for building your own applications. To get you started, we’ll create a simple PowerApp as an example of how easy the process is. Follow along and by the end of the blog, you will have a freshly developed sales administration app.


SharePoint 2016: New Compliance and Security Features

While SharePoint 2016 is an evolutionary update from SharePoint 2013, it does introduce some real power that differentiates it from its predecessor. Many of these features are within the infrastructure areas that are preparing SharePoint on-premises installations to be “hybrid first” deployments, but that same Cloud integration brings some of the features into parity with Office 365. We explore the areas of Compliance and Security which really benefit from these capabilities.


Office 365 – Is Your Environment Ready? Future Proof Your SharePoint Investment

With the advent of SharePoint Online in Office 365, the world witnessed a feature constrained version of SharePoint. As things have progressed, the scales of feature robustness continue to tip in Office 365’s favor. From Delve to Power BI to more capable external sharing, SharePoint Online enjoys the exciting and emerging developments for collaboration both today and in the future. Today, we want to discuss how you can ensure your SharePoint roadmap is best align for your cloud-based future.


Office 365: The Cloud Constellation

The old adage “the only thing you can rely on is change” is certainly true when it comes to Microsoft’s collaboration strategy. Here at SPR we absolutely embrace uncertainty and the unknown. The challenge provides a visceral excitement from the implied call to action. That being said, even we like to know what’s on the road map. Even if we know it’s more of a suggestion in the light of a dynamic, ever-changing marketplace.


The Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses are Considering Office 365

It’s not uncommon for firms to have a various flavors of Exchange, Lotus Notes and possibly other email, calendaring and collaboration systems in their application inventory. Enter Office 365 to the rescue. In this blog, I’ll discuss the top reasons why a company would want to consider moving to the cloud.