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B2B extranets have finally arrived! And they’re on a roll.

After a decade of business‑to‑consumer (B2C) development, B2B extranets (including eCommerce) have pushed forward to fulfill long‑awaited promise. Significant opportunities are at hand.

The big wins are

Reducing customer acquisition and retention costs
Shrinking field sales intervention with self‑serve sites
Engaging customers in new ways
Strengthening interactions with trading partners
Just the eCommerce portion of B2B is valued at more than twice the size of B2C eCommerce, approaching
$559 billion
in 2015 and reaching
$1.13 trillion
in U.S. sales by end of 2020

What’s driving this swift advancement?

B2B clients and partners increasingly expect B2C-like experiences online
of companies implementing B2B extranets say user expectations have changed. The reason?

B2B clients and partners are, in their daily lives, B2C customers.
Consequently they expect:

Mobile ordering
Price transparency
“It’s an online-driven, omni-channel transformation that is forever changing the way the world’s most successful B2B brands connect with, engage and retain customers. In many ways, it’s a brave new world in B2B commerce – and it’s happening right now.”
Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer at hybris Software and SAP CEC (Customer Engagement and Commerce) Former Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Forrester Research

Where to start? Consider the B2B extranet Basics

At the simplest level, what are your users’ expectations?
  • Easy Find & Seek
  • Intuitive Actions
  • Simpler Jobs
  • Consistency

Easy Find & Seek

70% of site activity is focused on finding information
“When asked to cite the top features or functions they would most like from suppliers in the selling process, most business buyers chose enhanced search functionality on their website (60%).”
MultiChannel Merchant

Most start with a search engine
  • They prefer organic rather than paid ads
  • Expose your products and services to search engines
73% of global traffic to B2B company sites originate from search engines.

Intuitive Actions

  • Add to cart
  • Get a quote
  • Call their rep
  • Chat with a specialist
  • Get more information
57% of the buying process is done prior to engaging with Sales, making B2B sites sales tools.

Simpler Jobs

  • People visiting your site have to. It’s their job
  • If you make their job easier, they will come back
  • If they come back, they will spend more or sell more
  • Innovate! Give them tools that help them do their jobs... such as:
    • Specific contract terms
    • Pricing considerations
    • Payment and review of invoices
    • User and role set up

Consistency across all devices and all channels

  • The experience needs to resonate and flow similarly, no matter the device
  • Features and functions should be comparable
“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”
Steve Jobs

Components of a high functioning B2B eCommerce site

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