Ready. Set. LEARN!

June 2016

SPR recently hosted more than thirty 4th and 5th graders from Chicago’s LEARN Charter School for an educational field trip on 3D printing. The kids’ champion, educator Lamon Phillips, wanted to create a field trip, something beyond the norm of museums and planetariums that would, “give them an opportunity to see how technology impacts the world at a large scale.” And they got just that.


SPR Rooms... with a View

March 2016

What’s the technical premise for building a sleek, intuitive, anywhere/anytime room scheduling application? The Internet of Things, of course. How do you get more than 15 talented and engaged practitioners gathered to figure out how to take the sting out of scheduling conference rooms? With a grassroots internal event that brings together Individuals from across practice areas.


Hadoop and Big Data Translates into Big Opportunities!

December 2015

Data is getting bigger and bigger, and the landscape is scattered with various positions linked to data management. As the world of data spirals to new heights, SPR’s vision and concerted execution will place it firmly at the forefront, constructing the kind of skills and expertise that renowned companies clamor for.


The Right to Dream

August 2015

For more than a decade, through an activist Civic Engagement effort, SPR Consulting has been a champion of making dreams of working in technology come true. By partnering with organizations like Year Up, Skills for Chicagoland’s Future, and ITKAN, SPR has helped demonstrate that individuals from non-traditional backgrounds can make outstanding contributions to business.


SPR’s Managed Services: True Enterprise Support

May 2015

Forget the outdated paradigm of traditional managed services. SPR Consulting breaks it, delivering more value by teaching client staff and strengthening technical environments. The extra bonus? Consultants gain vital skills and improve marketability along the way.


Changing the World in SPR Consulting's Studio

February 2015

In this issue of Looped In, you’ll read about a consultant, whose goal is to change the world one app at a time, launched his career in SPR Consulting’s highly-collaborative Studio equipped with high-end development pods offering state-of-the-art gear and an array of tools and libraries.


Ready to Move Up in IT? | Meet Melissa and Ryan

September 2014

In this issue of Looped In, you’ll read about some mentoring ideas, real strategies for growth and first-hand experience from an rising IT professional. In addition, read how one of our architects reflects on the impact that taking on tech projects outside of his day job had on his career.


Tech Skills Mashups | Global Web Testing | Meet Khalid

June 2014

In this issue of Looped In, we’ve featured the latest exciting project work coming out of SPR Consulting as well as the success and growth of one .NET expert. And, don’t miss out on the most interesting insight on tech skills mashups out there.


SPR Consulting & Mobile Development Successes

November 2013

In this issue of Looped In you’ll read about how Crain Chicago Business and SPR Consulting partnered to create Crain’s first iPad app, and hear first-hand about the experience from one of SPR Consulting’s principals .