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BizTalk 2016 Release: Get an Integration Strategy to Upgrade Now

The BizTalk 2016 release has us pumped! This is the 10th major release from BizTalk, the enterprise-integration server that automates mission critical business processes. BizTalk 2016 bridges the digital transformation needs for on-premises automation while allowing the creation of applications in the cloud. Microsoft shared the integration future and roadmap late last year with detailed directions and key product offerings that

Data migration to the Cloud with Talend

Smooth Move – Taking Data to the Cloud with Talend

As cloud computing continues to be a hot topic, with interest shown across all levels of organization. Its adoption is becoming rapid and showing no sign of slowing down. As this solution become cheaper and more widely utilized, cross database conversion is becoming prevalent. Industry leading relational database engines are very similar to one another, however, they are not identical in their supported data types, metadata or internal data manipulation capabilities. You might need to extract data from a cloud based storage for processing on-prem and load back into the cloud.

Azure EA

Lower Your Azure EA Payments: PowerShell

If you’re like us, you want to better understand which resources in your enterprise agreement (EA) are “hot” to reduce cost. Then read on as we look at Azure EA Billing Summary with PowerShell. The Issue with EA We recently noticed that our EA payment had skyrocketed. We wanted to identify which subscriptions and resources were

Azure Active Directory: Creating Applications and SPNs with Powershell

As many of you know, Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Microsoft’s multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service. Like all of Microsoft’s Azure Services, it can be programmatically driven with Powershell. The defacto Powershell module to accomplish AAD automation is the Azure Active Directory v1.0 module, also known as the MSOnline module. While stable and incredibly useful, the module begins to show

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Azure Integration Part I: Reasons for Azure Storage Queue, Service Bus Queue, Topics/Subscription and Relays

Microsoft Azure can provide messaging in the cloud through a variety of different options. Sometimes it can be confusing as to which cloud technology you want to leverage with your company’s integration solution. Through a series of blogs, I hope to help summarize the options on these Azure technologies. In Part 1 of this series, I summarize and give insight on Azure Storage Queues, Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics/Subscription and Relays.


IoT: Delivering Impactful Solutions to Businesses in Every Industry

Connected things are changing how products are developed and how businesses are organized. Streams of information generated by devices such as industrial machines, sensors, kiosks and highly engineered products that make it possible to upgrade a product in real-time or to predict when it will fail. At SPR, we help our customer implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to increase operational efficiency, improve product and services, and help them attract, grow and retain customers. Most organizations agree that IoT is the next “big thing” and it will provide tremendous value by implementing IoT solutions. We will go over some of the IoT use cases we have implemented for our customers to provide insight into business value it provides.

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Why Upgrade to BizTalk 2016?

Businesses in the digital transformation age are growing rapidly thus requiring increased agility and faster delivery. It has become essential to integrate mission critical applications as well as to connect seamlessly to modern SaaS applications. BizTalk 2016 will provide quick value for these integrations.

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Remove Azure Deployments Not the Resource Group

As many know Azure Resource Groups work best when deployed and removed based on the Resource Group as a whole.  This works for most cases, however it does not for all of them.  We will go over a scenario when this does not work and solutions to remove the deployment without removing the entire Resource

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How to set PublicIPAllocation via PowerShell

Also, How to remove a public IP address object via Azure PowerShell I was recently tasked with changing a series of AzureRM Public IP address allocation methods from dynamic to static and others from Static IP addresses to dynamic. To set a NIC to static is very straight forward. You change the value to static

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9 Fantastic Reasons For Using Azure Logic Apps

Has someone ever asked you a question about what Azure Logic Apps is and what the benefits of it being used in your company are? Maybe they wanted to get an idea from you or possibly invite you to attend a meeting on discussing possible solutions in the Azure cloud space using Logic Apps. Although you