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IoT: Delivering Impactful Solutions to Businesses in Every Industry

Connected things are changing how products are developed and how businesses are organized. Streams of information generated by devices such as industrial machines, sensors, kiosks and highly engineered products that make it possible to upgrade a product in real-time or to predict when it will fail. At SPR, we help our customer implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to increase operational efficiency, improve product and services, and help them attract, grow and retain customers. Most organizations agree that IoT is the next “big thing” and it will provide tremendous value by implementing IoT solutions. We will go over some of the IoT use cases we have implemented for our customers to provide insight into business value it provides.


Designing for New & Maturing Tech – 2016 Edition

Mobile, web, and interactive design has matured a lot since last year. This is driven by tech that has become open to developers. Voice, Wearables, IoT, Auto, and TV have become the focus of most major technology companies in 2016.  This has sparked a fury of new ideas around the future of apps and how they fit into our daily lives. With these technologies, the design standards have also become refined and standardized. Users have come to expect a premier experience on whatever platform they are using. In this post we will highlight a few of the new and exciting trends and how design is leading the charge.

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Microsoft Azure Internet of Things Suite

Learn about IoT and how the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things Suite provides new services that help organizations get value from the device and sensor data they collect every day.