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Your One-Star Rated App Needs Compatibility Testing

You check your application’s usage and popularity often, and that’s when it happens. The dreaded one-star review. Your app has compatibility issues. Don’t let a review or social site be the way you discover your app’s incompatible. The safest way to ward off bad software in production – and the damage it can have to your company’s social reputation – is

We are the Champions

Enterprise Social – We are the Champions!

You can’t do it alone! A successful launch requires a team of people. We know that we are looking for committed people who have responsibility to get the word out and utilize the social network we are looking for, but what types of people are these exactly?

Countdown to Launch

Enterprise Social – Countdown to Launch

So you have support and buy-in from the powers that be at your company to launch a social network, you have the platform setup and you’re ready to “Go Live.” The platform will be ready tomorrow, so you will launch next week, but are you really ready?

Business Integration

Enterprise Social – Continuing to Engage with Business Integration

Think about the amount of time it takes for you to log in to each of these systems to review, create or update the information and make business decisions. Wouldn’t it be nice if the business critical information was at your fingertips? It can be, with social integration.

Empowering People

Empower with people-oriented governance for Enterprise Social – SPR Social Series 8 of 8

There’s no argument that governance is a critical component of any successful Enterprise Social deployment; but the truth is, most implementations begin with little to no governance. Why’s that? Because this promising method of collaboration and communication will not be stuffed into the tight box of control and comply.

Social Cloud

Uncover. Align. Adapt. Refine…with Enterprise Social Analytics – SPR Social Series 7 of 8

How do you take the next step to uncovering and assessing, in an evidentiary way, the extent and benefit of what’s going on? The easy answer is – analytics.

News Feed Action

Enterprise Social News Feeds are all about action! – SPR Social Series 6 of 8

In Enterprise Social, the News Feed (also known as the activity stream or conversation thread) is where the action is. This free-flowing sequence of pure engagement provides the framework for making magic happen.


4 Keys to Successful Community Sites – SPR Social Series 5 of 8

In an enterprise, a Community Site is a place where colleagues with specific common interests come together. In this virtual environment, users share information and insights, exchange ideas, discover experts, collaborate on issues or documents, and offer their expertise.

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5 Ways to Show Up in Your Profile – SPR Social Series 4 of 8

Profile Pages are the point of origin for participating in Enterprise Social. They represent home base; the bottom line on who you are and what you’re interested in.


4 Roads to Success in Enterprise Social – SPR Social Series 3 of 8

Now that you’re embarking on the Enterprise Social journey, you’ll need to nail down a starting point. Being selective is critical, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply target processes and functions you know could benefit from a more streamlined approach.