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Treat Test Automation Like a Project

Treating test automation like a project helps to ensure the success of your automation initiative. Applying Agile project principles along with preparing appropriate documentation keeps the automation activities on schedule and produces a maintainable automation solution.

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Tech Challenge for 2017: Testing IoT Applications

If 2016 was the year of the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), 2017 will no doubt be the year it becomes mainstream. It seems as though new initiatives are being launched almost daily and testing IoT applications is now a priority. IoT applications certainly present new technical challenges to the software architects and engineers

Test Talk: Automation Logging

Logging is an important part of building robust automation testing. In this video, learn what information is logged, how logs are used, and why this is important.


Software Testing: Start Test Design with the Data

The term “software testing”, especially outside the profession, often relates to the user interface. What buttons does someone push to make sure it “works right”? What will“make it break”? This is true not only when it comes to test execution, but test case design as well.

In modern software projects, this approach won’t be enough. Today’s tester can’t wait until the user interface is fully designed, implemented, and available before writing and executing tests. When complex software systems require multiple testing methodologies to verify and validate, the effect of this waiting period is magnified. A tester must start from another perspective – the data – and carry that perspective throughout every aspect of testing.

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Test Talk: Automation Talent Shortage

Organizations have a challenging time finding qualified automation testing engineers because the tools and languages needed are many and varied. Instead of competing in the market for this scarce talent, organizations can build their own engineers from the ground up. Learn more about automation testing, SPR’s engineer bootcamp and its three critical elements.

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Why Test Automation is Essential to Successful DevOps

It’s been proven that QA leads to a lower failure rate and ultimately better software, but when deadlines approach and time constraints become an unwelcome reality, QA professionals yearn for a way to lessen the pressure and keep the process flowing.  The natural progression for a DevOps process that is already highly automated is to transition more of the QA process to fall in line, either through test driven development (TDD) or automated scripts running continuously during testing of newly developed features, and onwards as UAT and production environments are smoke tested.

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Test Talk: Fragile vs. Robust Automation

Your testing automation approach impacts your costs to initially develop automation and maintain automation over time. This video blog post explains what fragile automation and robust automation are as well as how to determine which of these approaches to use.

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Making Unit Testing Great Again. Part 3 : Unit tests that should have never been written…

In my previous post I showed you how, through refactoring we can split decision makers and “orchestrators”, thus removing external dependencies from our decision makers and making them much easier to unit test. If you got to the 3rd part of this post, I will assume that you agree with me and believe pure “orchestrators”

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Defining Performance Test Plans

Performance testing is an important, and overlooked, aspect of most software projects.  Learn about the key planning factors to consider to make your performance test cycle a productive success.

Making Unit Testing Great Again: Refactoring

Making Unit Testing Great Again. Part 2: Refactoring

In this video I demonstrate how I approach existing code that has orchestrating and decision making mixed together, in order to make that code easier to UNIT test.