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Why Architecture Matters for Data and Analytics

The reality is that the data architecture of most organizations are complicated. Data systems are now a complex, ubiquitous and critical component of modern firms in contrast to most simplistic data models one would find when it comes to designing an enterprise data systems. The most important task of a data architect is having an end-to-end vision of the flow of information within an organization. Data architecture defines what data is important to the organization and how it will be effectively delivered and managed. It is the term for standards, metadata and models to ensure an organization’s data strategy is in alignment with overall strategic decision making needs.

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Defining Performance Test Plans

Performance testing is an important, and overlooked, aspect of most software projects.  Learn about the key planning factors to consider to make your performance test cycle a productive success.

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Configuring Persistence Storage with Docker and Kubernetes

With DevOps becoming one of the most widely-used buzzwords in the industry, automated configuration management tools like Docker, Ansible, and Chef have been rapidly increasing in popularity and adoption. In particular, Docker, which allows teams to create containerized versions of their applications that can be run without additional virtualization overhead, and is widely supported by

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3D Derby Day Embraces Hands-on Learning to Benefit LEARN Charter School Scholars!


POSTED 06/14/2016

There are many impressions from SPR’s recent 3D Derby Day for LEARN Charter School’s 4th and 5th grade Scholars that embody why we support challenged communities. The explosion of young arms raised high in response to Matt Mead, SPR CTO, asking one of many probing questions related to the principles of 3D printing. The anticipation on the

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Docker for Developer Happiness

So, everybody is talking Docker these days. It is being positioned as one of the important tools for effecting DevOps transformation in engineering organizations. Docker was founded around 2010 and has been growing in popularity ever since.

Making Unit Testing Great Again: Refactoring

Making Unit Testing Great Again. Part 2: Refactoring

In this video I demonstrate how I approach existing code that has orchestrating and decision making mixed together, in order to make that code easier to UNIT test.

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DevOps at SPR Consulting

Understanding how DevOps practices apply to your organization is an important step as teams move to the next level of maturity and identify the need to adopt these practices. Learn what SPR Consulting believes are the three core components of DevOps.

Making unit testing great again

Making Unit Testing Great Again. Part 1

What makes unit testing hard? For me it is the setup of external dependencies. Unit testing is easy when you have a method that calculates the Fibonacci sequence,  Lloyd algorithm, or calculates the sum of two numbers. Some of these cases are complex, but that complexity is so-called Intrinsic complexity. Code that only has intrinsic complexity

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Mobile Testing Choices

When should we use Manual versus Automated testing? How should we choose our devices for test, and when should we use real devices versus virtual devices? What should we automate first? What should we manually test first?  Here are a few testing approach tips to get you started in testing your new Mobile project.

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Designing a Data Warehouse with Granular Data in Mind

How many times have you heard the phrase, “We only need to report at the Category (or some level above the detail level) Level,” when you are gathering requirements for designing your Data Warehouse or DataMart? And then, inevitably, 6 or 8 months later someone needs a report, or needs to be able to analyze at the Product level. Here are a few ways to handle this situation.