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Documents and Records Management in SharePoint Online / Office 365

Microsoft takes security and compliance very seriously for its Office 365 software and services. Microsoft has introduced numerous features in Office 365 to help meet organizations’ content security and data compliance needs so they can meet legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance requirements. In this blog, I’ll focus on Documents Management and Records Management features of Office 365.


Building a Simple REST API with Scala & Play! (Part 1)

In this 3 part series, we’ll cover creating a basic Play! REST API on top of Reactive Mongo. There has been a lot of buzz recently in the industry and at our some of our clients around Reactive Programming and related frameworks. Reactive Programming is a movement based around building applications that can meet the diverse demands of modern environments.


How to Manage and Automate Your Mobile Image Assets

The goal of this workflow is to make it as easy to generate one hundred scaled and routed assets as it was to generate one. The initial generation and future revisions of the assets are now automated. The basis for this workflow is consolidating all of the assets into a single file. This allows the software to do the heavy lifting of sizing, naming, and routing the new files. Designers now also have an overview of all of the visual assets, allowing them to globally control colors, padding, and aesthetics.


Iterative Performance Testing Provides Actionable Results

More often than not, performance testing projects originally planned for a single test execution cycle yield undesired results and subsequently morph into multiple, haphazard  load test runs, where each additional load test cycle is likely less organized (and more frantic) than the previous.  Focus on the overall goal of the performance test (page response time, CPU utilization, etc) is skewed or misplaced.  An intentionally iterative performance testing strategy will ensure a greater likelihood of success for goal based performance test execution.

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Power BI Quick Tips: Associative Filtering

One of the great features of Power BI is associative filtering. This means that when a value is selected in a slicer, all associated elements on the page are automatically filtered. With the latest update to Power BI, slicers can be individually tied to specific objects on the Power BI canvas. Sometimes this behavior is not observed. Learn why that happens and how to deal with it.


Microsoft Azure Internet of Things Suite

In this blog post I will explain IoT and describe how the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things Suite provides new services that help organizations get value from the device and sensor data they collect every day.


BizTalk Integration with AS400 Using DB2 Adapter

The BizTalk Host Adapter for DB2 has been designed to access IBM’s DB2 database on a number of platforms including mainframe, AIX, AS/400, and Windows. Here are a few scenarios that I have come across working with the DB2 adapter and BizTalk orchestrations.


Future Integration – Following The Microsoft BizTalk Integration Roadmap

Microsoft has released its BizTalk Integration roadmap with detailed directions and key product offerings that address many areas like cloud, on-premises, B2B, connectors, and social network space. With the challenge of the cloud dramatically growing there is a need to define the direction of future integration. Businesses are running all kinds of applications in cloud (ex:


Data File Security on the Android Platform

Companies want to provide their employees with mobile apps to enhance their productivity while on-the-go. Those mobile apps usually provide the employee with corporate data that may be confidential or proprietary, so the data must be secured according to your company’s information security policies. Securing data on Android devices has long been a challenge but


Overcoming Office 365/SharePoint Online Development Challenges – Part 3 – Exporting People Search Results to Excel

Extracting People Search results to Excel seems straightforward initially but does require quite a bit of work to function correctly. Read how I used JavaScript to make this work.