Azure Active Directory: Creating Applications and SPNs with Powershell

As many of you know, Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Microsoft’s multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service. Like all of Microsoft’s Azure Services, it can be programmatically driven with Powershell. The defacto Powershell module to accomplish AAD automation is the Azure Active Directory v1.0 module, also known as the MSOnline module. While stable and incredibly useful, the module begins to show

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Why Upgrade to SharePoint 2016? – Modern User Experience

SharePoint 2016 has been redesigned to focus on providing a modern user experience. If you have been using Office 365, you will notice that SP 2016 looks a lot like Office 365. SharePoint 2016 provides users easy and simplified access to people, applications, and content so users can be more productive. At the same time,

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Software Maintainability – Considering Off the Shelf vs. Roll Your Own

Maintainability is essential to software quality. There are many aspects that come into consideration while building maintainable software. One of them is – building your own utility or infrastructure vs. picking up something ‘Off the self’.

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Test Talk: Automation Talent Shortage

Organizations have a challenging time finding qualified automation testing engineers because the tools and languages needed are many and varied. Instead of competing in the market for this scarce talent, organizations can build their own engineers from the ground up. Learn more about automation testing, SPR’s engineer bootcamp and its three critical elements.


SharePoint 2016: New Compliance and Security Features

While SharePoint 2016 is an evolutionary update from SharePoint 2013, it does introduce some real power that differentiates it from its predecessor. Many of these features are within the infrastructure areas that are preparing SharePoint on-premises installations to be “hybrid first” deployments, but that same Cloud integration brings some of the features into parity with Office 365. We explore the areas of Compliance and Security which really benefit from these capabilities.


Paged Kendo Grid from SharePoint Search REST API Data

I have prepared a short demonstration to illustrate the SharePoint 2013 Search REST API: I will retrieve SharePoint list data across multiple lists, present it in a pageable grid, and do it in under 100 lines of well-formatted script and markup.

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Azure Integration Part I: Reasons for Azure Storage Queue, Service Bus Queue, Topics/Subscription and Relays

Microsoft Azure can provide messaging in the cloud through a variety of different options. Sometimes it can be confusing as to which cloud technology you want to leverage with your company’s integration solution. Through a series of blogs, I hope to help summarize the options on these Azure technologies. In Part 1 of this series, I summarize and give insight on Azure Storage Queues, Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics/Subscription and Relays.

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Why Test Automation is Essential to Successful DevOps

It’s been proven that QA leads to a lower failure rate and ultimately better software, but when deadlines approach and time constraints become an unwelcome reality, QA professionals yearn for a way to lessen the pressure and keep the process flowing.  The natural progression for a DevOps process that is already highly automated is to transition more of the QA process to fall in line, either through test driven development (TDD) or automated scripts running continuously during testing of newly developed features, and onwards as UAT and production environments are smoke tested.


New Realities…In a Galaxy Not So Far Away!


POSTED 09/13/2016

Quantum computing, cognitive services, mixed reality, computational cryptography… a laundry list for the next sci-fi blockbuster? Actually, these are working topics that Paul Edlund, Chief Technologist for the Microsoft Technology Center, and his colleagues are unraveling daily. “It’s hard to explain quantum computing to a high school kid, but my job is to take complex topics and

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It’s No Longer a Data Lake. It’s a Data Dump

This is the world of Big Data where the volume of digital data is going to double every two years for the foreseeable future. By 2020 there will be eight billion people on earth, using 20 billion devices and communicating with 100 billion connected things. As Big Data blossomed, organizations began to store the endless