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DevOps at SPR Consulting

Understanding how DevOps practices apply to your organization is an important step as teams move to the next level of maturity and identify the need to adopt these practices. Learn what SPR Consulting believes are the three core components of DevOps.

Making unit testing great again

Making Unit Testing Great Again. Part 1

What makes unit testing hard? For me it is the setup of external dependencies. Unit testing is easy when you have a method that calculates the Fibonacci sequence,  Lloyd algorithm, or calculates the sum of two numbers. Some of these cases are complex, but that complexity is so-called Intrinsic complexity. Code that only has intrinsic complexity

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Mobile Testing Choices

When should we use Manual versus Automated testing? How should we choose our devices for test, and when should we use real devices versus virtual devices? What should we automate first? What should we manually test first?  Here are a few testing approach tips to get you started in testing your new Mobile project.

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Designing a Data Warehouse with Granular Data in Mind

How many times have you heard the phrase, “We only need to report at the Category (or some level above the detail level) Level,” when you are gathering requirements for designing your Data Warehouse or DataMart? And then, inevitably, 6 or 8 months later someone needs a report, or needs to be able to analyze at the Product level. Here are a few ways to handle this situation.

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Tips for Transitioning from a TCoE to Agile Testing

What happens if your TCoE is disbanded and you find yourself a member of an Agile team reporting to a Development Lead or Scrum Master? How do you successfully make this transition? The Agile world is very different and the change can be a career altering experience! If you are immersed in this change process, it is a huge paradigm/cultural shift. As you make this transition, you will find many differences in the approach and your day-to-day job activities. The changes fall into three major categories…

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Test Talk: Automation

This video answers questions like, how automation helps reduce the cost of testing, when can you start seeing an ROI from test automation, and what is the best place to get started with automation.

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SPR and Year Up Chicago Team up Again!


POSTED 04/11/2016

SPR’s Director of Civic Engagement, Pat Maher, recently sat down with Charlotte Norman, SPR’s 2nd intern from Year Up Chicago, for a conversation related to her early career and the internship experience. Year Up works with 18-24 year-olds from resource challenged areas of the city to support their professional and, often, personal development during an intensive, year-long program.

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9 Fantastic Reasons For Using Azure Logic Apps

Has someone ever asked you a question about what Azure Logic Apps is and what the benefits of it being used in your company are? Maybe they wanted to get an idea from you or possibly invite you to attend a meeting on discussing possible solutions in the Azure cloud space using Logic Apps. Although you

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Selenium WebDriver Model

Regression Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver The majority of current software applications are developed as web-based applications, running on web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome. Web applications create a specific load on software testing resources, as the combinations in browser and platform coverage add to test coverage complexity. Most of these

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Talend Open Studio for Integration

Talend’s unified platform architecture continues to gain strong momentum in the area of Data Integration, Data Management, Data Quality and Big Data. Built on a comprehensive IDE, Talend offers greater control and flexibility as required with the ability to modify the generated Java code.