The Journey to Agile: Adaptions, Pitfalls, and Other Tips We Told InformationWeek

The journey to agile can vary greatly, but a basic foundation is needed. Newly formed organizations can typically follow a simpler path, because legacy processes do not exist and agile practices can be adopted from the outset, but the individuals working at these organizations tend to bring along past experiences with them. So regardless of

When It’s Not User Acceptance Test, But User Readiness Evaluation

By thinking of the UAT cycle as an “readiness evaluation”, new possibilities emerge. The users have new freedom to try to use the software as they see fit in their day-to-day activities, rather than thinking they need to hunt for defects and try to “break it”. The pressure of thinking they must be the gatekeepers to product quality, deciding whether this release can pass into production or not, is lifted.


4 Strategies to Adopt DevOps in Your Organization

In my last blog I discussed four key areas that are usually used to measure the performance of an IT organization. This blog will explore the strategies to help your company adopt DevOps practices. The first question you should ask yourself is Why? Why should DevOps be part of your IT strategy? In his excellent blog, my colleague

SPR, Year Up Chicago Partner to Support PwD Following Harvey Destruction


POSTED 10/10/2017

Roudy’s expression suggests a combination of determination and disbelief as he wheels through water that nearly crests the cushion of his bright blue manual chair. He is living in one of dozens of shelters after the hurricane that left South Texas devastated tore through his apartment in late August. Roudy is well-liked within the disability

Using Containerization within Your Test Automation Solution

It was almost destined that test automation engineers would begin to integrate Selenium and Selenium Grid into Docker, which has created a truly unique method of cross-platform testing with far less infrastructure requirements for their CI solution, as well as a lower cost than commercial cloud-based solutions like Saucelabs or Browserstack.


Equifax and the High Price of Technical Debt

By now, everyone has heard about the security breach at Equifax. Is this the new normal? Breaches will happen. But companies with an online presence cannot afford to be complacent. It’s our job in the IT industry to continually improve security and try to minimize this kind of event and the damage it can cause. So, why do these things keep happening?


Considerations for Choosing a Data Science Platform

With the proliferation of data science platforms how do you pick one that’s right for you? When choosing a data science platform, the following characteristics should be considered, in no particular order or priority (prioritization may depend on the specific business outcome being addressed or making trade-offs on one characteristic versus another to obtain the

User Acceptance Testing in a Complex Global Client Environment

User acceptance testing (UAT) is a well-recognized type of test, but it can have various degrees of important and differing approaches based on the application to be launched. However, the fundamental purpose of UAT is consistent, namely that those individuals (or their proxies) who use the application confirm the readiness of the application to be

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How POM-based Architecture Boosts your Automated Testing

Recognizing the enormous effort for performing manual UI testing, organizations have opted to automate their UI test activity to speed up the development pipeline. To make automation payoff, one must approach it with the same mindset that we approach the development of our production code.

The words "Using Akka and Scala" super-imposed over the photo of a laptop

Using Akka and Scala for CQRS and Event Sourcing

In the past, we covered using Lagom to implement Java microservices using the event sourcing and CQRS patterns that framework relies on. Today, we’ll be revisiting our blog microservice example using the Scala programming language and Akka, one of the main components underlying Lagom. Event Sourcing First, let’s take a quick review of what event