Hybrid Integration: Preparing for the Future

Hybrid Integration: Preparing for the Future

Migrating from an on-premises to a cloud integration environment might be the next logical step for your organization, but it could feel like a gigantic leap. If your environment isn’t quite ready or you’re limited by industry regulations, hybrid integration is an easy-to-implement interim move that yields big results. Take, for example, this complex web of on-premises and cloud applications – simplified with a connection to Azure Service Bus.

When You Cant Find Talent Build It

When You Can’t Find Talent, Build It!

Morningstar was facing a talent shortage problem in their test automation department. So, they worked with SPR Consulting to bring eager candidates together with job-targeted training to create new, well-qualified employees.


Automation Engineers are as Good as Gold

The rapid transition from manual testing to the use of test automation has created a high demand for test automation engineers in test (SDET). The increasing demand has created a shortage of skilled automation engineers. The time is now to build your next generation of automation engineers to meet your test automation needs!

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Optimize Test Automation and Reduce Costs

If you have built ‘fragile’ and not ‘robust’ automation your maintenance costs can be high, diminishing the value of your test automation. Just like the technical debt of software that is not properly architected or coded, your automated test scripts can be growing in technical debt – the hidden cost of poor automation.

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Discover the Value of Automated Testing

The test automation trend is continuing to boom! If you are one of the few not already building automated tests, it’s time to get on board. Continuing to test without making the transition to automation will put a major fork in your company’s software development and deployment processes.

7 Deadly App Traps cover

7 Deadly App Traps

There’s no shortage of competition when it comes to designing and releasing apps. So, when it comes to making the most of mobile, what can you do to help your app gain maximum visibility and success? Avoiding ill-timed trends and mobile pitfalls may be a start. Read on to learn more about which “app traps” to avoid.

The Advent of Automated Data Modeling Proceed with Caution first page

The Advent of Automated Data Modeling! Proceed with Caution

When it comes to data management, data modeling is the solid, well-built foundation. The advent of supersmart analytics technologies provide excellent opportunities to automate processes and reduce complexities. Our article will describe what data modeling is all about and explain why you should not disregard this discipline.

Putting Testers to the Test article front page

Putting Testers to the Test: Who to Trust

Implementing the latest testing approaches using cutting-edge tools doesn’t guarantee that you won’t miss deadlines, overlook software issues, and launch a product riddled with user flaws. Why? Because great testing isn’t about “the how” but “the who”. We break down the 6 most common testing options so you can decide who to trust.

Testing in the Digital Age top

Testing in the Digital Age

In this new age, quality matters more than ever. The negative impact of poor or mediocre quality can be dire. Our infographic displays information on why it’s critical to address 2016’s trends and challenges in testing.

LoB Article t

Your New Extranet Project is a Go! Now What?

Building a robust extranet that offers clients and partners outstanding benefits and propels your business objectives is more than a notion. It’s challenging stuff. But a great plan goes a long way. Our article explains the next best moves for getting your mind-blowing extranet up and on its way to creating mammoth value.

New Necessity of BB Extranets t

The New Necessity of B2B Extranets: A Guide

Businesses must provide rich, valuable online experiences for customers. Our guide explains why you must create and maintain full-featured extranets designed not only to inform, but to provide smooth access to data and processes that enable action.

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Ease Your Transition to Office 365 – Recorded Webinar

In this 60-minute recorded webinar, Ron Charity, Business Development Manager for AvePoint, and Sean Lawrence, Evangelist – Portals and Collaboration for SPR Consulting, address how to overcome common challenges organizations face when moving to Office 365 – SharePoint Online.

hive tp

Hive and Hive on Tez

In this video, Roger Lenihan, Big Data Evangelist at SPR Consulting, exhibits Hive, a component of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). Hive provides a SQL-like interface to data stored in HDP. Roger gives an example of HIVE and how to interact with the component as well as demonstrates vectorization and statistics.

Dont punish employees with poor mobile apps t

Don’t Punish Employees with Poor Mobile Apps

We have become obsessed with developing mobile apps for customers and have neglected the needs of our employees. Consider this: if you give your hardworking colleagues access to immediate, accurate information in support of customers and processes, your customers win!

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DevOps Challenges and Best Practices

The pursuit for the perfect synchrony between software development and IT operations is still ongoing, and striking the balance won’t happen any time soon. Understand and address these 5 common DevOps challenges to achieve a higher- functioning and collaborative organization.

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Think Integration is Legacy Tech? Think Again.

While integration may not show up as one of the year’s hot tech crazes, this essential element of IT is being reshaped, restructured and remodeled by those same forces. Smart organizations are clamoring to know what this reshuffling of integration can do for them. This guide will show you where to put your resources to deal with the swift expansion of elements that now demand integration.

Onshore vs Offshore Testing infographic thumb

Onshore vs Offshore Software Testing

Who do you trust to test your software? Have you considered that employing onshore vs. offshore teams can greatly influence testing efficiency, cost and quality? In this infographic, SPR Consulting puts onshore and offshore teams to the test. See who emerges victorious and why.

Thumbnail for PDF article: The Internet for Everyone

The Internet for Everyone

ADA Regulations Soon to Apply to Public Internet Sites

With ADA accessibility regulations applicable to public Internet sites on the horizon and the growth of spending power for people with disabilities, web and mobile accessibility concerns are on the rise. Learn how to make your site or mobile app accessible, so you are not losing out on a large segment of your potential consumer and employee base.

Data.SmallWord.ColossalImplications. cover

Data. Small Word. Colossal Implications.

The phenomenon of exponential data growth is upon us, proven by the fact that ninety percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years. All of this new data is an asset, but only when you’re not drowning in it. Smart organizations who effectively deploy big data technologies can create new models, gain sustained competitive advantage, and transform entire industries. This guide will help you answer pertinent questions like: what is big data, how to make sense of it, and what opportunities can it bring to your organization.

FiveMust doTestsforMobileAppsReadtheArticle

Five Must-do Tests for Mobile Apps

Research shows 57% of users abandon a mobile app after waiting three seconds for it do something – and surprisingly, 80% of those users never return. Testing your mobile app is a critical step to not only ensuring the longevity and success of your app, but also to providing a positive user experience. Here are our five expert tips on must-do tests for your mobile apps.

Thumbnail for PDF article: Marketers Need Mobile

Marketers Need Mobile!

Avoid These 7 App Traps and Get it Right

There’s no shortage of competition when it comes to designing and releasing apps. So, when it comes to making the most of mobile, what can you do to help your app gain maximum visibility and success? Avoiding ill-timed trends and mobile pitfalls may be a start. Read on to learn more about which “app traps” to avoid.


Cloud Trek Star Date 2015

The advent of the Cloud was truly the beginning of a new era – one which forever changed the very nature of enterprise. Cloud-driven solutions are ever-changing and while that may sometimes feel overwhelming, it’s absolutely necessary to integrate these solutions into your business to remain competitive and cutting-edge. Unsure of where to start? Let SPR Consulting’s guide to the Cloud show you the way.

SPR Build a Killer Mobile Strategy Download the Guide

Build a Killer Mobile Strategy Now

It’s estimated that 90% of IT growth over the next five years will be driven by mobile computing, cloud services, big data analytics and social networking – when is the last time you evaluated your company’s mobile strategy? We think it’s time to start. Read on to discover helpful tips to guide you along as you lay down the framework for your team’s mobile strategy.