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Test Talk: Automation Logging

Logging is an important part of building robust automation testing. In this video, learn what information is logged, how logs are used, and why this is important.

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Test Talk: Automation Talent Shortage

Organizations have a challenging time finding qualified automation testing engineers because the tools and languages needed are many and varied. Instead of competing in the market for this scarce talent, organizations can build their own engineers from the ground up. Learn more about automation testing, SPR’s engineer bootcamp and its three critical elements.

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Test Talk: Fragile vs. Robust Automation

Your testing automation approach impacts your costs to initially develop automation and maintain automation over time. This video blog post explains what fragile automation and robust automation are as well as how to determine which of these approaches to use.

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Test Talk: Automation ROI

This video answers questions like, how automation helps reduce the cost of testing, when can you start seeing an ROI from test automation, and what is the best place to get started with automation.