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I am a Vice President with SPR Consulting. SPR Consulting is a leading technology consulting firm that helps businesses improve access to information, company-wide collaboration and help organizations more effectively connect with their customers. We do that by building, integrating, testing, and managing technologies for our clients. Currently, I am the Vice President of Enterprise Platforms & Managed Services at SPR Consulting. In this position I am responsible for overseeing SPR Consulting's Application Integration, Data Management, Portals & Collaboration, Cloud, and Managed Services practices. I am also currently serving as the Cloud practice leader for the company. I have been an integration architect for many years. I have worked with Microsoft integration technologies since 1995 and have followed it all the way to Microsoft Azure. One of the strengths of our company is the ability to use integration techniques to bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud solutions, creating “hybrid” solutions that many would think are near impossible. Prior to working with SPR Consulting, I was a founding partner of MPS Partners, a leading Microsoft partner in the Central Region. In January, 2015, MPS Partners was acquired by SPR Consulting.