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Cloud Infrastructure Services

The capabilities of the cloud have transformed the way companies do business. Now that most businesses have migrated to cloud infrastructure services, or to a hybrid cloud/on-premises environment, attention shifts from implementation to maximizing value — transforming the way you do business by allowing you to make effective decisions, streamline operations, and innovate faster than ever before.

We help deploy and configure cloud-based enterprise environments and cloud computing solutions using Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms, and advise businesses on getting the most out of their cloud investment. Our strategic cloud consulting harnesses leading technology to deliver outcomes that are cost effective, fast, scalable, and accessible.


Successful DevOps leaders invest in a powerful combination of the right culture, processes, and tools to increase their digital pace. Through a DevOps assessment, we’ll help you develop a roadmap and specific action steps necessary to build DevOps in your organization.


In today's dynamic world, security is as important as ever. SecOps provides a way to apply the vigilant security of cloud providers as well as your organization’s established on-premises security practices to your cloud assets.


When no one is actively monitoring cloud technology consumption, you discover you’re not getting the value you wanted. SPR’s financial optimization is a combination of thought leadership and pre-built tools to optimize the overall usage of your cloud technologies, and ultimately, to deliver maximum return on investment.


The cloud represents an opportunity to leverage new leading technologies to reduce downtime and scale on demand. SPR will work with your existing IT department to effectively and efficiently transition to the cloud and continue meeting the demands of the business. From learning how to service cloud infrastructure to using new tools and demonstrating management techniques, our cloud infrastructure services cover all aspects of cloud implementation, monitoring, and management — your team and business is set up for future success.

Driving Agility in the Cloud

"Microsoft Azure gives us efficiency. It’s not just about better access, but also improved performance and flexibility."

George Rada, Sales Representative Manager, Wabtec Co.