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User Experience Strategy & Design

Your user experience (UX) is a competitive advantage that’s hard to copy. A great experience doesn’t happen by accident but is the result of conversations that lead to understanding, understanding that leads to empathy, and empathy that leads to solutions. It puts end-users at the center of the problem-solving process — a framework otherwise referred to as design thinking.​

At SPR, we apply a design-thinking mindset to every project, guiding our clients throughout the design process from start to finish, one iteration to the next. Our human-centered approach combines sound strategy with user needs, discovered through user testing, and the infinite possibilities afforded by technology. As a result, we build elevated digital experiences that enhance all aspects of how a solution is perceived by users, including accessibility, usability, and enjoyment. This leads to improved user adoption, retention, and overall engagement. Put simply, we deliver solutions people want to use repeatedly.

How We Solve Problems

Our design and technology teams work in sync from the beginning to deliver elegant platforms with stable infrastructure. It starts with our Experience Strategy and Design Group completing the right amount of research to deliver insights that drive valuable business outcomes. We learn as we go, using what we discover to rapidly explore, test, and validate new solutions.​

Identify the problem and potential solutions, then explore multiple concepts.

Product Discovery

Consolidate concepts and optimize to define the foundational product.

Product Design

Further refine the foundational product and validate with users, then bring it to life.

User Experience Story: Delighting Users

User Experience Story: Delighting Users

A natural ingredients distributor needed a consistent user experience (UX) across its 12 digital applications. The company asked for a standardized internal UX process to help their team move forward with a cohesive and sustainable design. We researched the needs of the users, built the visualizations, and implemented the design in collaboration with the client.