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Data Visualization Workshops

Data visualization helps you easily see patterns and trends important to your company, and then make better decisions, faster.

SPR provides three workshop sessions to help you better understand how to use data visualization. Work your way through all three sessions or choose à la carte based on the knowledge level of your users.

Consumer | 1.5 Day Session

If you have some understanding of data visualization tools, attend the 1.5 Day Session, which is open to all level users. We use standard training data to:

  • Teach basic principles of data visualization
  • Execute common deployment methods and data access methods
  • Navigate a web-based dashboard for data analysis
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Analyst | 3 Day Session

If you have some capabilities with data visualizations, pick from the 3 Day Session, which is open to all Analysts and Power Users. In this workshop, you learn how to:

  • Develop data visualizations to drive business outcomes
  • Execute practical deployment methods
  • Use access methods that meet your organization’s needs
  • Iteratively build and deploy dashboards from various sources
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Power User | 5 Day Session

You’re a developer or report author who’s highly skilled in data visualization. Attend the 5 Day Session, a comprehensive workshop that teaches participants how to:

  • Use the advanced functionalities of data visualization using the desktop toolset and web-based interface
  • Build semantic layers to encourage an enterprise “one-version-of-the-truth” data visualization platform