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Automation Pitfalls and How to Swing Past the Tar Pit


Join this live webinar on Tuesday, June 25 to learn the common pitfalls of automation and how to avoid them. Test automation architect, Scot Noftz, will discuss:

  • Defining clear automation goals
  • Selecting the right-fit automation tool for your business
  • Automating at the right level (UI vs. API)
  • Identifying target tests for automation
  • Integrating automation within your development process
  • Maintaining your automation suite
  • Developing your team’s required automation skills

Scot Noftz is a test automation architect at SPR with over 10 years of experience in the field of test automation. He brings his expertise in developing framework accelerators to expedite standing up an automation solution. His main focus is to bring attention to the value of test automation within an organization, both from the impact on assuring quality software as well as the financial and efficiency benefits automation brings across the enterprise.