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Chicago .NET Users Group – February 2016 Meeting


Chicago .NET Users Group – February 2016 Meeting
Getting started on IoT Devices & Solutions using Windows 10 & Microsoft platform

February 18, 2016 at 6:15 PM
3025 Highland Pkwy # 300, Downers Grove, IL (map)


Devices, sensors and your imagination come together on one simplified platform with the release of Windows 10 on multiple single board computer. Take a look at what you can do using the Microsoft platform on super small devices like Raspberry Pi.

In this session, Matt Mead and Chris Kabat from SPR Consulting will share their point of view on IoT solutions and how they can be enabled using the Microsoft platform. They will then demonstrate some simple (and some fun) IoT scenarios. We will then look under the covers for each scenario to see how they are built from device to back-end storage and event processing.


Matthew Mead 

Matthew is the CTO of SPR Consulting. He is passionate about technology and has more than 20 years of experience designing and delivering complex, mission-critical technology solutions using a broad spectrum of technologies.

Chris Kabat

Chris is the Vice President of Enterprise Platforms and Managed Services at SPR Consulting.  He’s responsible for overseeing SPR Consulting’s Application integration, Data Management, Portals and Collaboration, Cloud and Manage Services practices.


6:30 PM: Refreshments served

7:00 PM: IoT Devices and Solutions using Windows 10

8:10 PM: Wrap up talks / Q&A

Event sponsor:

SPR Consulting