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ITKAN Monthly Meeting – October 2016


Navigating the Screening and Interview Process for Candidates with Disabilities

Impression Management, Behavioral Interviewing, and Putting Your Best Self Forward


It’s tough to get on track with your career, and if you manage a disability as well it’s even tougher! The unemployment rate for PwD was nearly twice that of the general labor force in 2015 and the labor force participation rate continues to be dramatically lower as well. Additionally, negative perceptions related to productivity, illness, and cost among other key labor force factors persist regarding PwD in the workplace despite research indicating their capacity and value.

Join us as we explore opportunities for you to create and make the most of your career in this challenging and competitive environment. Recognize that your disability is a strength that can be clearly communicated to a prospective employer! Professor Fong Chan will share his application of Impression Management principles with the audience along with his decades of experience. Cabot Microelectronics Global Director of IT, Tim Roessler, and Lisa Polevoes, Sr. VP of Human Resources at Cabot will join Prof. Chan to provide insights on Behavioral Interviewing techniques. Take the next step in your career development by joining us in the Boardroom of Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital on October 13th!

Professor Fong Chan, Chair – Dept. of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison has been a global leader in establishing evidence-based research practices on behalf of supporting a higher quality of life for PwD. Tim Roessler serves on the ITKAN Advisory Team and has been a great supporter of PwD in the workforce.

The next meeting will be
October 13, 2016, 5-7PM
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital
26W171 Roosevelt Road
Wheaton, IL  60187
Building 1, Board Room