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Milwaukee Internet of Things Meetup – February 2018


Ebb & Flow: Data in Motion

As the world around us is becoming increasingly instrumented and connected, managing streaming data effectively is one of the major challenges faced by data architects and engineers. In this presentation, learn how the components of Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) can be used together to address aspects of data flow management and streaming analytics, including Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, and Hortonworks Schema Registry and Streaming Analytics Manager. We will review an end-to-end solution focused on alarm fatigue in the Healthcare space that will demonstrate the capabilities of a comprehensive data in-motion platform like HDF.

About the Speaker

Sam Lachterman is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks and serves as Global Security SME, focusing on Streaming Architecture, Security, and Cloud solutions. Sam has been working as a data architect for over 10 years and has deep experience in big data architecture, integration, and advanced analytics.

Prior to joining Hortonworks, Sam served as Lead Data Architect at AE Business Solutions, led technical teams at Enghouse Networks, and has worked on mission-critical technology implementations with industry leaders across many verticals including Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, and Communications. Sam holds a Mathematics BA from UW-Madison, where he published research in number theory as an undergraduate.


  • Food & socializing
  • Intro
  • Presentation, Q&A