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Milwaukee Internet of Things Meetup – September 2018


There and Back Again: A Tale of Azure IoT Edge

SPR is a sponsor of the Milwaukee Internet of Things Meetup.

The Internet of Things has been gaining momentum over the past few years. With this momentum and the introduction and proliferation of Platform as a Service offering, the tools and services to support these IoT devices have become significantly more robust. One of these sets of tools and services is Azure IoT Edge. This is a tale of Azure IoT Edge setup, the Azure resources needed to support it, common use cases and software components of an Edge solution, leveraging containers for the Edge components and for emulation, and DevOps processes for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using Visual Studio Team Services.

  • Brief general overview of IoT
  • What problems are generally a good fit for an IoT Edge solution
  • Overview of Azure services that are often part of a IoT Edge solution
  • Deep dive and demo on setting up an Azure IoT Edge solution