Workshop with Microsoft: Power BI (Bloomington)


Workshop with Microsoft: Power BI

Insights for everyone from any data source, any size, anywhere! Microsoft’s new Power BI solution makes statements like this come true. Learn how in our 1-day Power BI workshop.

FREE of charge for our local customers, the workshop is a true-to-life, hands-on environment for business and technology leaders to experience working with Microsoft Power BI. It is designed to…

  • Enhance understanding of available technologies and Microsoft’s unique BI value proposition
  • Encourage discussion around how these technologies help address business problems
  • Identify the right set of BI tools to help organizations innovate and grow
  • Experience this exciting technology through hands-on lab exercises
  • Learn the capabilities available in Cortana Analytics to further enhance analytic solutions

This workshop is a unique learning experience since it puts the participant in the driver’s seat. No need to bring anything, each attendee will be provided their own computing device.


  • Importing and loading data
  • Transforming data (renaming tables, changing data types, adding new data)
  • Data exploration (layouts, model enhancement, report authoring, creating dashboards, report uploading, operational dashboards, refreshing dashboard data and sharing)
  • Sharing content with large organizations
  • Updating a content pack
  • View and manage Excel reports
  • Collaboration with Office 365 Groups (group creation)
  • Delivering reports through mobile devices like tablets and phones

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for experienced business and IT leaders who work with business analytics. Sample titles include DBA, Data Warehouse Architect, BI Manager, Analyst, Power User, Data Scientist.


Exposure to data warehouse concepts, business intelligence and general report building tools is essential for maximum benefit from this workshop.