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By the way, if you happen to be using Flyway (http://flywaydb.org/) for your migrations, Gradle (http://gradle.org) for your build/tasks and Jasypt (http://jasypt.org) for encryption, here’s an example Gradle task for tying the three together.

[code language=”groovy”]
flyway {
StandardPBEStringEncryptor encryptor = new StandardPBEStringEncryptor();
encryptor.setPassword(‘testtest’); //<– your Jasypt password can come from anywhere. Hopefully somewhere more secure than this.

def flywayFile = file(‘flyway.properties’)

Properties flywayProps = new EncryptableProperties(encryptor)
flywayFile.withInputStream { stream ->

url = flywayProps.url
user = flywayProps.username
password = flywayProps.password

initOnMigrate = true