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Assessing AWS environments and workloads

Whether you’re currently operating in AWS or you use a different cloud provider, you recognize that a secure, reliable and cost-optimized solution is vital to your operation. Your next step is to determine what exactly that entails and how it will benefit your business. SPR will guide your business in a AWS Well-Architected Review to help you build and maintain your AWS Cloud applications.

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How will a Well-Architected Review Help My Business?

  • Gain operational excellence by running and monitoring systems that streamline your business.
  • Create performance efficiency through scalable, low latency, and serverless computer resources.
  • Cash in with cost optimization through cost-saving workloads that get the most out of your resources.
  • Enhance security through a framework that protects and correctly governs your data and systems.
  • Increase the reliability of your infrastructure with an agile system that prevents and quickly recovers from disruptions.

To show the benefits of a WAR, we take a look at how two of our clients conducted an AWS Well-Architected Review for the first time, using SPR as their consulting partner. 

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Mission Critical

Of the Well-Architected Reviews conducted in 2018, 96% showed critical issues in businesses workload, and 80% of the time, businesses decide it's worthwhile to remediate the identified issues.


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Phase 1 | Review

During the initial review, our certified AWS experts look "under the hood" and identify areas to optimize the current implementation. You receive a blueprint with a set of recommended remediation steps.

Phase 2 | Remediation

If you decide to move forward within 30 days, AWS will offer up to $5,000 in AWS service credits to augment your environment. Additional discounts may be available. Talk with your SPR representative.

$5,000 Per Workload

AWS provides your business with incentives for SPR's team of experts to conduct remediation activities, when the work is conducted within 30 days of our Well-Architected Review session.

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