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Mobile Testing Choices

When should we use Manual versus Automated testing? How should we choose our devices for test, and when should we use real devices versus virtual devices? What should we automate first? What should we manually test first?  Here are a few testing approach tips to get you started in testing your new Mobile project.

Determining Devices

Use the project requirements to determine which devices are specified for test. If your devices are not specified by the client, or found within the requirements, choose the most popular devices for test. You may also want to reach out to the team when determining what is widely used by the client’s audience or simply conduct a quick research of your own covering both Android and iOS devices.  Then determine cost, and if it is best to rent or purchase the devices?

Manual Testing Tips

You’ve discovered you have a total of twelve devices to test against this Native Mobile application. Manually test a hand full of devices via the devices keyboard to confirm actual user experience. By example, when entering in user names, passwords, email addresses etcetera.  Consider using a remote keyboard via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB, to speed up manual testing.  Touching invalid keys is most likely to occur on the actual device due to the closeness and sensitivity of the devices keyboard.

Automated Testing Tips

Automate high volume apps containing many clicking or tapping functionality, test cases first. Focus on the remaining functionalities to be automated, later. Use both virtual devices and real devices.  Some apps cause memory leaks more so in Android devices versus iOS devices, due to Androids open source code, and iOS is stricter (unless Jailbreaking is performed). This is why you are more likely to see system and app crashes on real Android devices.  Real devices use more memory versus a virtual device.

Automation is technically logical and fast approach, when testing mobile applications, though Manual testing is here to stay.  Practicing both Manual and Automated Mobile testing are common today within most testing lab environments. Prepare yourself for usage of both Manual and Automated testing methodologies.