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Move forward with InfoPath Modernization Offering

Microsoft InfoPath has been a widely used software to create complex forms for many years; but its usability is dated and thus, it is being phased out of Microsoft’s lineup. If you require an alternative to build forms that support calculations, external data sources and other workflows, SPR can help you modernize your InfoPath application by finding the replacement for you.


Before we get started, we work with your stakeholders to target the focus areas and the intended audience of each of the workshops. The number of workshops will vary depending on the complexity, size and nature of your InfoPath-based applications.

Workshops are hour-long sessions where we collaborate with you to understand your goals, help ideate, and find the optimal modernization strategy for your InfoPath-based applications. We begin by understanding your current state, then define intended future state based on factors such as:

  1. Business value and need
  2. What worked and what didn’t work in the current solution
  3. Governance, security and UX/UI needs


Based on outcomes from the workshop, we provide technical analysis and ideation to define key business and technical requirements of the replacement applications. We consider factors such as capabilities, compatibility and cost of the new applications.

You receive:

  1. Roadmap strategy with our recommendations on what replacement platform suits your needs best. You also receive common framework and strategy for your organization to transition off InfoPath-based applications.
  2. Technical solution design
  3. Implementation and transition plan


We assign a dedicated team of experts to help assist you in your journey transitioning off legacy applications such as InfoPath-based solutions. Our years of experience and cutting-edge work will guarantee a smooth transition off your legacy solutions. Finally, we bring the product to life by building the features of your app or platform, configure diagnostics, test it and deploy it to your targeted environment.