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Build Solutions that Disrupt the Market

Disruption is upheaval. It’s innovation. It’s what Uber did to the taxi business, what Airbnb is doing to the hotel business, and what we do to help our clients transform their business.

Disruption using technology, or digital transformation, creates competitive advantage, changes markets, and even alters the business landscape altogether. In today’s world, it’s not just an option. It’s survival. We approach digital transformation holistically, using market knowledge to understand opportunities and user needs, project and team experience to execute efficiently and get to market early, and tech chops to develop and deliver.

SPR guides clients through the ideation and evolution of ideas, and then delivers the technology that brings them to life. 

Our areas of expertise

Advise digital strategies and experiences

We help you figure out how to innovate and navigate the risks that could prevent you from achieving your goals.

Build software at a global scale

We create solutions that are scalable and flexible enough to adapt to nuances of local markets around the world.

Create global platforms on a commercial cloud

We leverage features of a mature cloud environment to meet performance goals and maintain security.

Implement Internet of things (IoT)

We handle all the facets of an IoT project from firmware to data analytics, mobile apps, reporting, and more.

Featured Story

What happens to a shipment after goods are placed in a truck and sent on their way to a customer? Vypin needed a system that would track shipments every step of the way. SPR created a platform utilizing IoT to achieve the goal — and generate more ROI immediately.

View StoryTransforming Logistics with IoT Shipment Tracking

Featured Capabilities