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Enable a Data-Driven Culture

The best companies today — Amazon, Uber, the Chicago Cubs — use data to make decisions on the products they stock, the fares they charge, and the players they hire. A data-driven culture is one that sees data as an asset and its power to inform decisions as a way to make great companies even greater.

A lot of businesses though, are not taking full advantage of data, and they don’t know where to begin. Data is stored away in disparate systems, partially used, or worse, left unused. That’s where we can make a significant difference. Our team of skilled digital analysts helps to integrate internal and external data into usable information, and advise strategies that lead to better customer and employee experiences, as well as more efficient operations, productivity, and profitably.

SPR guides clients through the data analysis process and all related actionable strategies.

Our areas of expertise

Automate decision making using AI

We invest in and build cutting-edge technology to optimize processes and improve satisfaction.

Harness massive amounts of data

We unlock, capture, and store data so it can be analyzed and lead to actionable insights.

Analyze data and predict outcomes

We work with the tools to get data in, store it, and visualize it and develop the triggers that automate decisions.

Simplify data through visualization

We view data as a complete narrative to reveal patterns, trends, and associations that lead to new business insight.

Featured Story

Ball Horticulture’s online presence was a chaotic mix of sources, including email, an SAP enterprise portal with one login, and an order-entry portal with another login. SPR created a unified, customized, and more automated environment that transformed the company’s ability to engage with customers, vendors, and partners.

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Featured Capabilities