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UX & Usability – Tools & Resources

Author: Melissa McElroy Posted In: User Experience

The other day I had a co-worker ping me and ask me for a link to the Usability bible of guidelines. Hmmm, well there really isn’t one, because there are many resources for following standards depending on what you are creating or what platform you are developing on. This co-worker was looking for backup, how are clients supposed to believe what we are saying is true when they feel so strongly about an opposing idea? In light of the conversation, I thought I would put together a list of resource that I use and trust.

The resource list is definitely a mix of what is it, how do I do it, and how do I prove it. I hope this is helpful on your Usability and UX journey. If there are any specific questions or topics that you’re looking for, send me a note! I would also love to hear about your favorite resources you use when fighting the usability/UX battle!