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BizTalk to LogicApps

End of support for BizTalk means it's go time.

Modernization team, activate.

Some versions of Microsoft BizTalk have reached their peak and will no longer be supported. Not to worry. We’re known in the Midwest as BizTalk superheroes – and we know exactly how to upgrade to BizTalk 2020 or move on to Logic Apps, the official successor to BizTalk Services.

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Our Midwest-based team of experts can help your business with tech improvements related to one of the following scenarios:

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Upgrade to BizTalk 2020

Go beyond your end-of-support version and continue receiving support through BizTalk 2020.

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Modernize with Logic Apps

Move from BizTalk to Logic Apps to take advantage of the cloud.

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Move from Another Platfrom

Switch to Logic Apps from your current, ill-suited platform.

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Go beyond your end-of-support version and upgrade to BizTalk 2020.

Not ready to let BizTalk go completely? Try BizTalk 2020. We can help you compare relevant differences between BizTalk 2020 and earlier versions, an option that allows you stay with a Microsoft-supported BizTalk environment as you look to the decade ahead. Plus, you can upgrade to BizTalk 2020 today, knowing that our BizTalk and Logic Apps experts can help you move to Logic Apps when you're ready.


Take advantage of the cloud by moving from BizTalk to Logic Apps.

We start by estimating cost and effort to migrate from BizTalk to Azure Logic Apps, then develop an implementation plan custom tailored for one of your clients. Next, we use your existing mapping to set up an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process in Azure, then deliver an end-to-end EDI process in Azure for one client to represent the final process and cost before migrating all of your customers.
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Make the switch to Logic Apps if another platform isn’t currently suited for you.

If you want something more reliable than your current incumbent platform, we can assess the viability of making a move to Microsoft Azure Logic Apps for your EDI process. We design and build a Logic Apps pilot, then establish an approach to expand all EDI workloads to Logic Apps.

Interested? A conversation is the first step.

SPR is a digital technology consultancy available to discuss your modernization efforts to Logic Apps. We also provide brief demos of the newest features of BizTalk 2020 to see what makes sense for your business. During this first conversation, we’ll answer your questions about end-of-support BizTalk services, explore which of the above three options works for your business, and set steps to get started with your upgrade or modernization.


See stories of how we piloted moves to Logic Apps for two manufacturers.

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