Author: Chris Hansen

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How to set PublicIPAllocation via PowerShell

Also, How to remove a public IP address object via Azure PowerShell I was recently tasked with changing a series of AzureRM Public IP address allocation methods from dynamic to static and others from Static IP addresses to dynamic. To set a NIC to static is very straight forward. You change the value to static


6 R’s of a Cloud Migration

More and more organizations are turning to cloud providers when it comes time to reinvest in aging infrastructure.  When considering a technology workload migration; it is important to remember that there are multiple ways of migrating that workload out of its current environment.  At SPR we use the term “6 Rs” to describe migration options.

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Azure Active Directory

In this video Cloud Evangelist, Chris Hansen, explains what Azure Active Directory is, what it does and introduces a deployment strategy.

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Shadow & Rogue Cloud Usage

Microsoft has recently placed its app discovery tool into general release.  The Cloud App Discovery tool is part of Microsoft’s identity solutions suite and is a tool that is part of Microsoft’s Azure Identity Accelerator.  This free tool can provide excellent insight into cloud technologies in your organization.