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DevOps Consulting & Agile Training

To navigate your business through a full digital transformation, we offer DevOps and Agile consulting services that help guide, manage, and embrace the process. Agile and DevOps practices provide a level of control and predictability in development. Alongside this control is a cross-functional team that is transparent on its performance based on customer-aligned metrics. This provides peace of mind and stability toward mission-critical applications.

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Why DevOps & Agile

Teams are driven by constant demand for change, new features, more updates. DevOps and Agile methodologies give teams multiple advantages in the complex development world.
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Heighten Collaboration

Work together seamlessly across the business and across different roles to improve development.

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Increase Efficiency

Implement modern engineering workflows that are cross-functional and automated so you can get to market faster.

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Improve Processes

Meet business goals by using automated processes that are predictable, repeatable, and lead to on-time, quality products.

Why Choose SPR

Our DevOps consultants work onsite to guide your team, provide feedback, and foster enterprise-wide continuous improvement and innovation. Our Agile training coaches guide your organization while you implement Agile and harness Agile methodologies. Our DevOps consulting services focus on helping clients become higher performers by augmenting the skillsets, processes, and tools they already have in place. From developing more collaborative teams to streamlining tasks or overseeing entire projects from start to finish, we offer a variety of options to support change implementation.

Modernizing a Consumer Behavior Data Co.

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Modernizing a Consumer Behavior Data Co.

A leading global information and measurement company that studies consumer behavior recognized their development processes needed to be faster and more agile, in order to quickly create meaningful content and applications. They engaged SPR to assess whether their teams were ready to move from a more traditional development structure to the open culture of DevOps. We performed five assessments, creating roadmaps with detailed steps to create a more unified team and work structure. Several of the assessment findings focused on inefficiencies that could be remedied with modern tools and automation.

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Other Ways We Drive Business Growth

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Custom Software & Mobile App Development

Modernize your applications or build new custom software for desktop and mobile to address complex business problems.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Scale production, develop apps, or test your cloud-based enterprise platform to streamline and innovate faster.

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Software Testing

Exceed quality standards with a team skilled at manual, automated, and exploratory testing.