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Our Approach

Our Approach

We work alongside you
to identify and build what’s right.

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  • collaborative
  • advisory
  • pragmatic

Getting to know you.

No two partnerships are alike. To uphold our promise, we must first gain a clear understanding of your business, customers, and unique values, goals, and objectives. With all of the right questions answered, we create a plan of action in line with our core building blocks.

  • Brainstorm
  • Blueprint
  • Buildout


Start with collaborative thinking.

Through a series of strategy workshops, business model assessments, and ideation and concept testing, we help you pinpoint emerging opportunities and find unexpected value.

The result:

A list of defined corporate objectives, a product and technology roadmap, and an outline of potential initiatives.

  • Improve your business model using digital practices
  • Capture value created by your industry’s evolution
  • Disrupt your business model to enter a new or redefined space


Determine what’s useful, usable, and desirable.

You’ve got a roadmap of potential initiatives. Now, we explore each concept to validate what’s most viable. Using a design thinking framework, we align end user goals with business goals. Then, we materialize concepts as interactive prototypes.

The result:

A single, user-validated concept that has been reviewed, enhanced, and validated with an eye toward implementation.


Execute the vision.

With a single vision laid out, it’s time to bring it to life. During buildout, we initiate an iterative design-build process, working closely with stakeholders to continuously refine and implement details. Our agile approach allows your business to realize value quickly, and keeps everything on plan and on time.

The result:

A tailor-made solution that caters to your specific business needs and keeps pace with your enterprise as it grows. Plus, continued partnership, support, and sharing of ideas.

  • fully integrated
  • Functional
  • Useful & Intuitive
  • Secure

A Partner Built for a Challenge

At SPR, we crave a challenge. That's why our technologists helped shift the direction of a company in need of a consistent user experience platform across its multiple digital applications.

A group of people sitting around a conference room table Our Partner needed to keep up with ever-changing, modern technology, but they were unclear which strategy was the best fit for their business. Here’s what we did:
  • Asked questions around Our Partner’s ultimate business goal;
  • Conducted workshops across the organization to understand the current state of their digital platforms;
  • Explored together multiple options on how to modernize and simplify the digital experience for their customers.
The result? Our Partner received an assessment that outlined current and future state of the company’s 12 digital applications and some options on what technology they could implement to help streamline their user experience.
A man writing on a whiteboard with a pen. Our Partner knew they needed a consistent user experience across its multiple digital applications, but needed to validate what exactly their users wanted. Here’s what we did:
  • Researched the needs of the users by exploring data and conducting interviews with actual end users
  • Completed mock visualizations based on research
  • Helped explore standardized internal processes
The result? Our Partner moved forward with a cohesive and sustainable design that was proven with the users.
A woman using a laptop and a coffee mug. Our Partner was ready to hit the ground running. The task? Update 12 disjointed platforms with one cohesive design that would improve functionality and the overall user experience. Here’s what we did:
  • Moved all the platforms to one cloud-based solution
  • Implemented the design and built the platform
  • Shared best practices to maintain the usability of the applications
The result? Our Partner now works in the cloud where content is secure and available across the company and with customers.

Ready to get started?

Enough with the telling, now let us show you what it means to deliver beyond the build.