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Cloud Infrastructure

The capabilities of the cloud have transformed the way companies do business. Now that most businesses have migrated to cloud infrastructure services, or to a hybrid cloud/on-premises environment, attention shifts from implementation to maximizing value — transforming the way you do business by allowing you to make effective decisions, streamline operations, and innovate faster than ever before.​ We help deploy and configure cloud-based enterprise environments and cloud computing solutions using Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms, and advise businesses on getting the most out of their cloud investment. Our strategic cloud consulting harnesses leading technology to deliver outcomes that are cost-effective, fast, scalable, and accessible.

Setting Your Cloud Strategy

Cloud operations strategy can be broken into four overlapping categories: development, security, finance, and traditional operations. By leveraging specific services, businesses can enhance performance and more effectively remediate issues in the cloud. SPR specializes in each of these four main models.​

Increase your digital pace with the right tools, processes, and culture. Our team will develop a roadmap and action steps to build DevOps into your organization.​


Use native tooling for an automated approach to security that monitors cloud and on-premises systems for security compliance​.


Optimize the overall usage of your cloud technologies and maximize your return on investment by effectively monitoring subscriptions and managing IT spend.​


Transition your current tech team to the cloud. We cover all aspects of implementation, monitoring, and management so that you’re set up for future success​.

Featured Offerings

Cloud Adoption Workshop

Whether you’re moving to the cloud, a cloud platform, or a hybrid cloud environment, we can help you establish the path to get there.​

AWS Well-Architected Review

As an Authorized AWS Well-Architected Partner, we review your existing AWS workloads and environment and provide remediation that fits modern best practices.​

Our client says >> SPR knows their stuff.

Our client says >> SPR knows their stuff.

"We had worked with SPR in the past on some development initiatives. Their overall practice and expertise is what made us feel comfortable to move forward with our cloud initiative.”