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UX Design Services & Consulting

A great user experience begins with understanding your customers’ ever-evolving needs, and then implementing the right mix of technology, strategy, and design to meet them. 

Whether your business runs on a dated tech stack, is struggling to move to a fully digital or hybrid experience, or is too slow to get products to market, SPR’s UX design services and consulting team is highly skilled at creating integrated, end-to-end digital solutions that center on your customers and deliver lasting business value.

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How We Solve UX Problems

Our three-pronged approach to UI and UX design includes insights, strategy, and design. Beginning with a discovery phase, we perform research, competitive analysis, and interviews with stakeholders and customers to glean key insights and start shaping a unique solution. We use our findings to inform our strategy and roadmap, keeping your customers’ needs and expectations as our core focus. Then, using our DesignOps operating model, we get to work designing and validating iterative solutions before accelerating to market.
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Identify the problem and potential solutions, then explore multiple concepts with continuous feedback from you and your customers.

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Consolidate concepts, then optimize to define the foundational product and develop the road map for how we will build it.

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Continue to refine the foundational product, validate it with users, then bring it to life and iterate as necessary.

Why Choose SPR's UX Design Services

SPR’s user experience design and consulting expertise is best in class, hands down. But it’s our highly collaborative and focused approach that truly sets us apart in the industry. We have a proven track record of wowing our clients with the service and outcomes we deliver. Whether you need to build a new product from scratch, add to or modernize an existing one, or get your in-house design team up and running, we deliver on your goals—and beyond—utilizing the latest software and innovative technologies. Our custom B2B and B2C solutions promise to be longlasting and scalable, helping you to break through with continuous business value and customer satisfaction. We consistently deliver value across these key areas to help you and your business become unstoppable:

Enterprise Product Modernization

Outdated legacy platforms bring a host of risks in today’s competitive landscape. Our global clients trust us to deliver modern enterprise products that are simple, usable, and desirable. We consistently enable our clients with custom, scalable design systems, fresh momentum, and new product offerings, all in collaboration with their customers.

Digital Innovation

Whether it's a flagship product feature gone stale or the need for a new offering to get a splash in the market and stave off competition, we help our clients think outside of the box to identify and define the right problem to solve, then design a solution that creates a new growth trajectory for their business.

Product MVP Creation

With our clients there's rarely a shortage of ideas, but they struggle with what ideas to prioritize and bring to life. That's where our team comes in. We create alignment and vision, and accelerate time-to-market by turning validated concepts into captivating minimal viable products (MVPs).

Design Thinking & Coaching

Capitalizing on the business value of design increases revenues and returns, but how do you make that happen? We teach our clients how to think creatively, save time and money by being a design- and product-led organization, and energize their teams on DesignOps and methodologies tailored to fit their org.

What will advance your product or design goals?

We can help with that.

User Experience Story: Delighting Users

Fresh vegetables in a wicker basket.

User Experience Story: Delighting Users

A natural ingredients distributor needed a consistent user experience (UX) across its 12 digital applications. The company asked for a standardized internal UX process to help their team move forward with a cohesive and sustainable design. We researched the needs of the users, built the visualizations, and implemented the design in collaboration with the client.

Other Ways We Drive Business Growth

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Custom Software & Mobile App Development

Modernize your applications or build new custom software for desktop and mobile to address complex business problems.

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Business Data & Analytics

Capture and store your data, then convert into insights to make better business decisions.

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Software Testing

Exceed quality standards with a team skilled at manual, automated, and exploratory testing.