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Digital Workplace Experience

When it comes to creating efficient, productive teams, collaboration is key. And nothing promotes more effortless collaboration than a dynamic workspace that’s accessible whenever and wherever. But it takes the right tools to get there. As a premiere Microsoft partner, we have deep knowledge in developing scalable and flexible corporate intranets and extranets using Microsoft Office 365. Our experience allows us to create personalized platforms that are as easy to navigate as they are to manage and maintain, meaning employees actually enjoy using them every day.

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Enterprise Collaboration

To engage employees across the enterprise, you need a digital workplace - one that connects you, your teams, and your organization. Migrate your on-premise environment to the cloud using modern toolsets and processes that are easy to adopt. We provide a seamless migration process to a modern Office 365 environment that’s easy to use.
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Plan the design, implementation, and integration of technology that suits your business.

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Keep your business running continually and reliably as we set up and migrate to your modern Office 365 environment.

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Improve the work experience for your team through effective change management, adoption, and training.


Today’s platforms and apps must be securely and solidly built as they are beautiful to the eye. We help build an Office 365 environment that protects your data and develop processes to share information safely.
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Enable tools to protect sensitive data and promote safe sharing.

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Information Protection

Implement document retention policies and controls using tools like AAD and AIP.

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Information Management

Remediate site content and enhance the user experience through search, branding, and security.

Modernization Story: Migrating Complex Platforms

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Modernization Story: Migrating Complex Platforms

When Microsoft announced its Office 365 US Government Cloud platform, a government contractor was one of the first adopters. SPR helped the contractor move highly sensitive data and materials to this bleeding-edge platform - packed with intricacies that SPR quickly mastered.

Featured Technologies

We know the Microsoft suite - and beyond. Our team works with
yours to find what best fits your business.
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