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Business Transformation

Business Transformation – “Out of Pocket”

Mobile accessibility has transformed business. Not only has the expectations changed for response time and availability after hours, these changes are impacting business models as well. We expect to be able to not just check-in, but to be able to conduct business without a desk. The question has now changed to – what can’t you do when you’re “Out of Pocket”?

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Logic Apps

Logic Apps can integrate your cloud system, enterprise system, and in house or legacy system. The process of integrating systems is made much simpler with the Logic Apps. To make Logic Apps more powerful, Microsoft included powerful capabilities in BizTalk Server. BizTalk is Microsoft’s leading platform for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Business Process Managements (BPM). In Logic Apps, Azure’s hybrid connectivity options can bridge cloud and on premises systems, so having this capability, you can solve any application problem from simple to complex.