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DevOps Training & Agile Training

Navigating your business through a full digital transformation is a large and complex undertaking. It touches on the transformation of multiple areas of your business, from management and operational processes to customer and partner approaches, marketing strategies, organizational culture, and more.

Our DevOps training coaches work onsite to guide teams, provide feedback, and foster enterprise-wide continuous improvement and innovation. Our Agile training coaches guide your organization while you implement Agile and harness Agile methodologies.

The goal of our DevOps and Agile training is to transform your company into a collaborative and highly functional organization by helping teams embrace change in culture and adopt new practices and tools. A key aspect of their work is enhancing the agility and strength of your DevOps practices.

Undergoing Change

"SPR did an excellent job of understanding the emotional aspects of change management and was a great coach for teams undergoing stress."

Director of Advanced Services, Construction Software Firm