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AWS Serverless Immersion Day – June 2020


The webinar has passed, but you can view the recording by clicking on the Register button.

Explore how serverless technologies can solve your organization’s specific problems: Attend SPR’s Serverless Immersion Day workshop. This virtual event will introduce you to the core technologies used behind serverless solutions on AWS. Focused on experiential learning, you will end the day knowing how serverless technologies such as Lambda, API Gateway, and Step Functions fit into your companies’ workloads.

The Serverless Immersion Day inspires development teams to think outside the box, get hands-on with AWS services, and spread knowledge about serverless solutions inside their organizations. Serverless Immersion Days help to shift focus from traditional server-based setup using AWS foundation services to higher-level, managed services that accelerate time-to-value.

Who should participate:

  • Solution architects who want to jump start their investigation into how serverless technologies may be leveraged with their own organizations
  • Experienced software engineers who want a fast on-ramp to start building serverless web applications, web services, and data processors
  • Development teams tasked with delivering a serverless pilot project for their companies

To get the most out of this workshop:

  • Make sure you join the GoToWebinar workshop from a laptop with a modern web browser for cloud-based development that will take place in the virtual lab section
  • Read up in advance on traditional AWS services (such as EC2, RDS, S3) and the AWS console

Lunch will be provided via Uber Eats credit.