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Chicago .NET User Group – April 2018


Functional Programming in a Nutshell by Dr. Joe Hummel

SPR is a sponsor of the Chicago .NET User Group’s April Meetup.

Functional programming is not about the language, but about a mindset — solving problems in a more mathematical way. In mathematics, the statement “x = x + 1;” makes no sense, yet in programming we use it all the time to change the state of x. Functional programming is about problem solving without side-effects — no variables, no references, no changing of state. This leads to 2 advantages:

  1. a stronger sense of program correctness
  2. an easier path to parallel execution

This talk will introduce functional programming in F#, show how to call F# from C#, and encourage you to adopt this mindset when it makes sense.

Speaker: Dr. Joe Hummel

Dr. Joe Hummel is an author, consultant and tenured professor of Computer Science, with a PhD from the U. of California, Irvine in the field of High Performance Computing. Joe has been teaching academically and professionally for over 25 years, and specializes in computer architecture, compilers, programming languages, and parallel processing. He has co-authored two books on Windows programming, developed curricular materials for Pluralsight and Microsoft, and consults in the area of programming languages and high-performance computing.


  • Refreshments and networking hour
  • Functional Programming in a Nutshell by Dr. Joe Hummel
  • Q&A and wrap-up