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Chicago .NET User Group – March 2018


Building Enterprise Grade Web APIs in ASP.NET Core

APIs have become one of the most important components of modern application design. Yet most articles and tutorials on how to build APIs show code that looks much more like “exampleware” rather than well designed, enterprise ready software. In this talk, Solution Architect, David Perry will move past the oversimplified examples and show the patterns and practices that go into building a sustainable, extensible API that is highly functional and easy to consume. He’ll start off by discussing how to effectively apply REST principles when creating the URLs for your APIs endpoints. He’ll then explain how to use view models to control the shape of the data into and out of your API and how to make decisions about what to include in the payload for each endpoint. He’ll discuss how to keep your controllers clean by breaking out your business logic into separate classes. And then he’ll wrap up by discussing the facilities ASP.NET Core provides for versioning your API and how you can leverage these in your API. When he is finished, you will be ready to leave exampleware behind and begin building your own Enterprise Grade APIs.

Speaker: David Berry

A Solutions Architect with over 20 years of experience in building software systems, David started out as a Java developer and then switched to .NET in 2003. He has also done significant work with SQL Server and Oracle and is a Pluralsight author who has presented at community events throughout the Midwest.


  • Refreshments and networking hour
  • Building Enterprise Grade Web APIs in ASP.NET Core
  • Q&A and wrap-up