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SharePoint Fest 2015


SharePoint Fest Chicago 2015

SPR Consulting is proud to be a SharePoint Fest Chicago Platinum Sponsor. As a trusted partner to businesses for more than 40 years, we build, integrate, test and manage technologies that drive enterprise revenue and improve operational efficiency. With our expert consultants and innovative solutions, we develop scalable and flexible portals on premises and in the cloud. SPR improves access to information, company-wide collaboration and helps organizations more effectively connect with their customers. For more information visit our Portals Expertise page.

Visit us at booth #10 and see our breakout session at 3:50 PM on December 10th.

SPT 204 – SAP Integration Leveraging the Add-In Model

Mark Wroblewski and Sean Lawrence

SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online leverage the Add-in Model (formerly App Model), and it’s changing the way we perform SharePoint custom development and prepare for migration to the cloud.

This session will show you examples of collaboration solutions that leverage SAP data using the Add-In Model and will cover:

  • How to get ready for the Add-on Model. What do you need to know?
  • Approaches to the Add-In Model. MVC, provider hosted vs SharePoint hosted apps
  • How to leverage the Add-In Model to future proof your SharePoint development
  • Making the Add-in Model cohesive. Branding and working with Office Apps
  • Wrapping it up. How does the Add-in Model help you?