Our History

Technology is ever changing. For 45 years SPR has evolved to remain relevant and provide the services that our clients need most.

  • The Beginning
  • Growing Leadership
  • SPR Goes Public
  • SPR Merges with Leapnet
  • SPR Companies Formed
  • SPR Consulting Emerges
  • SPR
  • SPR is Founded

    SPR is founded as a staffing company by Gene Figliulo, father of current CEO, Rob Figliulo. Today, Gene would be regarded as a successful CIO, but in 1973 he’s called an EDP (Electronic Data Processing) Manager.

    Also in 1973

    • Motorola makes the first cell phone call
    • Sears Tower construction is completed
    • The entire internet consists of 45 computers and can be mapped out on a napkin
  • SPR's New Leadership

    Gene Figliulo retires, leaving the company to his sons who take leadership positions. They focus on helping the company evolve with ever changing technologies.

    Also in 1991

    • The World Wide Web is launched to the public
    • Apple introduces the Macintosh PowerBook, featuring a built-in trackball, internal floppy drive, and palm rests.
  • SPR Goes Public

    Under Rob Figliulo’s leadership, SPR goes public.

    Also in 1997

    • 30% of U.S. households are using AOL’s dial up internet
    • Deep Blue, an IBM supercomputer, beats a human in chess for the first time
    • Titanic is a box office hit
  • SPR Merges with Leapnet

    With the company uniquely positioned to face challenges surrounding Y2K, SPR merges with Leapnet, a top Chicago workplace. In 2002, leadership takes the company private to remain strong while facing the industry-wide “tech wreck.”

    Also in 2000

    • Sony releases PlayStation 2
    • USB flash drives enter the market
  • SPR Companies Formed

    After privatization in 2002, SPR begins to hone its focus. The goal: to maintain a company that delights clients by empowering business decisions with technology.

    Also in 2003

    • MySpace platform launches
    • Blu-Ray discs released
  • SPR Consulting Emerges

    SPR merges its capabilities into a single brand of technology experts. The focus is to serve clients with end-to-end solutions, a holistic portfolio of technology capabilities, and a commitment to civic engagement.

    Also in 2014

    • HTML5 is introduced
    • Apple releases ApplePay
  • SPR Continues to Flourish

    Today, SPR is recognized as a leader in guiding clients through digital transformation. The company has been named one of Crain’s Largest Private Companies in Chicago, is listed by Illinois Technology Association (ITA) as a leading IoT company, and is on the Built In Chicago Top 100 list of Digital Tech Companies in Chicago.

    Also in 2018

    • Carriers promise to launch 5G by end of year
    • Microsoft acquires GitHub
    • Cybersecurity is top of mind – thanks, Facebook