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Video Podcast Series: What’s On Tech? Episode 1

Author: SPR Posted In: Technology Modernization

The Fusion of UX & Product Design with Development

Welcome to SPR’s video podcast series, What’s on Tech?, the show where we ask technology experts what’s going on in tech right now. This episode is hosted by Matt Mead, the CTO of SPR, with special guest Taylor Regan, the Director of UX and Product Design at SPR.

Watch the episode to hear what Taylor has to say about the fusion or integration between UX and product design and the rest of development. Taylor will outline 4 key areas that set apart the companies that are doing integration well from those that aren’t; and he'll give you his top tip on how to improve your UX/development collaboration.


SPR’s What’s On Tech? Episode 1: “The Fusion of UX & Product Design and Development”