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Work More Efficiently in the Cloud

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You know that a secure, reliable and cost-optimized cloud solution is vital to your operation. If you are facing one (or more) of these challenges below, SPR can guide your business through a variety of offerings to help you build and maintain your AWS Cloud applications.

  • You need to assess or validate where to focus cloud efforts. Conduct a Well-Architected Review with our help, to determine next steps based on the findings.
  • Your cloud is too complex, and you've heard containers can help simplify the environment. Consider the Cloud Native App Accelerator to build a unified container-based environment.
  • Your large organization relies on multiple platforms and data to generate revenue. Use SPR's Data Platform Accelerator to quickly move to a modern data platform.
  • You use legacy applications that aren’t meeting business demands. Start your Cloud Migration for the first time.
  • You are already working in the cloud and want to take it to the next level. Engage SPR for your Cloud Application Modernization to boost how your current applications perform.

SPR Experts’ AWS Certifications and Accreditations

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SPR Experts’ AWS Certifications and Accreditations

The SPR + AWS collaborative model drives opportunities as the collective network enables us to expand our reach. In addition to multiple AWS professional certifications, including the Data Analytics - Specialty, we are an Advanced Consulting Partner in Serverless and AWS Lambda.

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