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Our areas of Microsoft expertise

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Harness the power of cloud-native development

Simply migrating to the cloud isn’t enough. We use Azure technologies to build cloud-native applications, which allows your enterprise to realize the full value of the cloud, including scalability, cost efficiency, reliability, security and more.

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Engage with customers, partners, and employees

We utilize Microsoft’s productivity suite of tools to improve employee effectiveness and collaboration by configuring and deploying M365 applications with a user-focused experience that increases satisfaction and adds value.

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Enable a data driven culture

Azure services and technologies allow for fast, flexible, and cost-effective data solutions to power businesses with analytics and insights.

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Secure your organization & empower your employees

Protect access to resources and data using strong authentication and risk-based adaptive access policies without compromising the user experience.

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Enhancing operational agility for auditors

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An auditing firm needed a new platform to meet the delivery expectations of their clients. In order to build this cutting-edge auditing platform, they knew they needed cutting-edge DevOps practices to support it. That’s where SPR came in. The firm looked to us to implement DevOps for more agile deployments and simpler application management using TFS and Azure.

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Cloud-Native Application Development & Modernization

We build cloud-native software applications and modernize existing applications onto Azure by using Azure Services, containers, microservices, DevOps, and serverless technologies.

DevOps Adoption

We help teams learn the cultural, procedural, and technological aspects of DevOps practices that will lead you to successful adoption.

Machine Learning

We help organizations make rapid, accurate decisions through AI and Machine Learning. Our ML engineers build models that are aligned with business strategy to generate actionable results.

Identity & Access Management

We help manage all identities and access to organizational apps in a central location, whether in the cloud or on premises, providing a seamless user experience while improving visibility and control.

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