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Our areas of Microsoft expertise

Enhance operational agility

Microsoft wants its users to get the most value out of the tools you own. Together with Microsoft, SPR helps you adopt new tools and manage change through DevOps practices and continuous delivery models. We deploy better solutions, faster.

Build solutions that disrupt the market

We stay ahead of emerging technologies like IoT, blockchain, and AI – the same disruptive technologies where Microsoft is expanding its footprint. SPR creates global platforms in Azure through custom development and application migrations.

Engage with customers, partners, and employees

Microsoft's Office 365 brings everything you need to collaborate effectively into one tool. SPR specializes in migrating on-premises Office to Office 365 and provides coaching so users feel comfortable using it.

Enable a data driven culture

Companies run on data. SPR helps you harness massive amounts of data and migrate it to Microsoft databases on premise or in the cloud; then analyze it, spot trends and predict outcomes. We also help you understand the data through Power BI visualization trainings and implementations.

Enhancing operational agility for auditors

An auditing firm needed a new platform to meet the delivery expectations of their clients. In order to build this cutting-edge auditing platform, they knew they needed cutting-edge DevOps practices to support it. That’s where SPR came in. The firm looked to us to implement DevOps for more agile deployments and simpler application management using TFS and Azure.

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App Modernization

We help you understand your current state and tailor a solution that keeps pace with your enterprise as it grows.

DevOps Adoption

Learn the cultural, procedural, and technological aspects of DevOps practices that will lead you to successful adoption.

Machine Learning Accelerator

Jumpstart your journey to Machine Learning. We tailor our program to your knowledge of Azure ML and help you advance to the next level.

Visualization QuickStart

We bring your data to life through insightful Power BI visualizations, so you can quickly understand your data, create value in your findings, and make well-informed decisions.

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