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Insights During Unusual Times

Our digital technology experts share what they are experiencing during these unusual times, and how to adjust for what's next.

An effective change management strategy for an organization during this pandemic is critical as states slowly start to open," says Snehal Desai, Agile Project Manager, SPR. "The complexity involved with the course of action requires us to take a look at this critical issue as a cross-functional project that needs to be properly planned and executed."
You must stand ready to quickly pivot all facets of your organization and, most importantly, to secure the resources needed to move initiatives forward," says Geremy Reiner, Cloud Practice Principal Architect, SPR. "One way organizations can achieve greater operational cost efficiencies is through cloud cost optimization. Start by managing and maintaining a cloud governance strategy to control monthly spend and provide the infrastructure that your environment requires."

It's no longer business as usual.

We invite you to share what challenges you're facing, ask our experts a question, or simply say hello. We are in this together.