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Technology Consulting

Delivering technology beyond the build.

We start with asking the right questions, always with the end user top of mind. We collaborate with you to understand your goals, help you ideate, and find ways to innovate. Then, we develop and deliver. Our goal: provide quality work from start to finish — and beyond.

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Our Solutions

To help guide our digital transformations, we focus on four major outcomes:

Enhance Operational Agility

Enhance Operational Agility

We reduce error with continuous deployment, create efficiencies with AI, and help to enable adoption. Plus, we manage risk and spend.

Disrupting the Market

Build Solutions that Disrupt the Market

We build software, create global cloud platforms, and advise digital strategies and experiences. Plus, our experience implementing IoT goes unparalleled.

Partnerships and Engagements

Engage with Customers, Partners & Employees

We create elegant, intuitive digital experiences that allow our clients to connect and engage with employees, suppliers, or customers.

Data Driven Culture

Enable a Data-Driven Culture

We help clients to automate processes using AI, harness massive amounts of data, and analyze it to predict outcomes.

Our Capabilities

We use a breadth of experience in technology and design to transform the way our clients do business.

Data & Analytics

We provide a clear, detailed roadmap to guide the design, implementation, and integration of technology systems and solutions.

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Custom Dev

We create custom technology solutions to address complex business problems. We also adapt existing software to address changing needs with creativity and efficiency.

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Cloud Infrastructure

We design state-of-the-art user interfaces to enhance all aspects of how a product is perceived by users, including accessibility, usability, and enjoyment.

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The Cloud

We deploy and configure cloud-based enterprise platforms. The platforms can be used to scale production or develop applications and test them.

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IoT Builds

We utilize IoT to gather streams of information, generated by devices such as sensors and industrial machines, to deliver business insights.

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We capture and store data across sources and convert the information into insights that enable smart business decisions.

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Mobile Platforms

We develop mobile applications on all platforms and devices to increase engagement, enhance productivity, grow revenue, and propel growth throughout your enterprise.

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Our US-based expert testing team specializes in manual, automated, and exploratory testing, to deliver a product that exceeds your quality standards.

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Our coaches work onsite to guide teams, provide feedback, and foster enterprise-wide, continuous improvement and innovation.

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Ready to get started?

Enough with the telling, now let us show you what it means to deliver beyond the build.

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